Bushnell Trail Cameras

The Bushnell Trail Scout game camera is available in both 2.1 MegaPixel and 3.0 MegaPixel models.

You've been reliving that miss all off season and it's cost you some rest. Some serious practice will renew your confidence, and a Bushnell digital trail camera will give you something positive to obsess over. Looks like that big dude's still around despite last year's scare tactics. And Turkey Ridge is still appropriately named. Keep watch 24/7 with vision we perfected through experience. Cutting-edge designs, easy programming, no film to develop and no noise guarantee you get the finest images possible. Your mind never leaves the woods, and now your eyes don't have to either.

Throw the switch on that trophy's hangout. It's never been easier to know exactly what's roaming your woods. The Trail Scout is 24/7 digital surveillance made amazingly simple. A series of positive toggle switches and a backlit LCD create the most user-friendly interface on the market. You know camera settings at a glance and can make changes with the flick of your finger. The built-in digital camera snaps high-resolution photos or 15 second movie clips. The Bushnell Trail Scout Pro model features a night vision LED flash that records after-dark images without revealing the camera location. No film.? No noise.? No complicated programming. Just sharp digital images 24/7 - tickets to your best season ever.

Bushnell Trail Scout 2.1 MegaPixel and Trail Scout 3.0 MegaPixel Features

  • Model 119700 2.1 Mega Pixel or Model 119830 3.0 Mega Pixel high quality full color images.
  • Infrared sensor is motion activated out to 90'
  • Cable lock, padlock and tree bracket
  • 4 D-cell batteries (user supplied)
  • Low Battery Indicator - battery life approx 30 days.
  • Easy to use toggle switch system
  • SD card slot
  • Flash Range of 30'
  • Motion LED lights when activity is sensed
  • Password protected

The Bushnell Trail Sentry game camera is available in both VGA to 1.3 MegaPixel and 2.1 MegaPixel models.

Bushnell Trail Sentry Game Cameras

Spend less and you won't miss a thing. With one of the quickest trigger times on the market, extra long battery life and an incredibly affordable price, the new digital Trail Sentry is a sharp little lookout you'll want an army of. It's easy to use and is offered in low-res VGA to 1.3 MegaPixel and 2.1 MegaPixel versions. Both capture sharp digital photos or short video clips day and night. Bushnell honed the technology and shaved the price to make the ultimate season attainable for virtually anyone.

Bushnell Trail Sentry 1.3 MegaPixel and Trail Sentry 2.1 MegaPixel Features

  • Model 119000 VGA software enhanced to 1.3 MP setting option
  • Model 119200 2.1 MegaPixel Camera
  • Infrared Sensor is motion activated out to 45'
  • 4 D-cell batteries (user supplied)
  • Adjustable web belt strap with buckle
  • SD card slot
  • Easy to use system
  • Still and movie modes
  • Flash range of 15'
  • Motion LED lights when activity is sensed
  • Low battery indicator - battery life approx 30 days
  • Password protected

Simply plug in your SD card from your trail camera and see images instantly on the 1.8 inch color TFT screen.

Instant Gratification with the Bushnell Trail Scout Digital Viewer

Instant gratification. Just pop your SD card into this viewer and see your trail-camera images instantly in full color. Use it to delete images or transfer them to another card. Replace your camera's card and you never miss any of the action.


  • 1.8" TFT Color view screen
  • View high quality full color images
  • 2 AA batteries (user supplied)
  • Soft case with belt loop
  • Watch trail cam movie clips
  • USB cable included
  • 2 SD card slots