Steiner at IWA Hunting Show - Nurnberg, Germany

Steiner Optic at the Nurnberg IWA Hunting Show.

Daniel Thralow And Jonathan Thralow at the Steiner booth during the IWA Hunting show in Germany. We were very impressed with the optics of the Steiner Binoculars, the new Steiner Nighthunter XP may just be the brightest binocular on the market.

Jonathan is on the left and Daniel is on the right.

The show was impressive and focused on hunting products. It was more relaxed then the Shot Show often held in Las Vegas.

Steiner has been the industry leader in performance German Optics since 1947. Steiner was founded by Karl Steiner 60 years ago and is now run by his son Carl. Karl Steiner was one of Zeiss's top engineers before WWII and left Zeiss to start a new optics company because he believed he could do it better. Daniel and I also had the opportunity to visit the Steiner Binoculars Factory.

Steiner is most well known for their rugged binoculars and often used by the military, hunters and the police. In the last few years Steiner has re-engineered their optical coating technology and made binoculars that are world leading birding binoculars.

Here is a photo of Carl Steiner the Owner and CEO of Steiner Optic Germany.


Carl took Dan and I out a couple of times to some of the oldest restaurants in Germany. He is a very nice man who treats his employees well.

Steiner Optic has 250 employees and produces about 700 binoculars/day.

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