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Schmidt & Bender Rifle Scopes - IWA Hunting Show: Schmidt & Bender rifle scopes have been called "the best in the world" by writers and hunters around the globe.

Since 1957, in a small town where Germany's legendary optics industry was founded hundreds of years ago, Schmidt & Bender has been devoted to one thing only: building the finest rifle scope money can buy.

Scopes are all we make. We don't make binoculars, or cameras, or crystal, or "amateur" optics, or anything else that would distract us from our commitment to the hunter and shooter.

Some companies build as many scopes in a week as we build in a year. And that's OK. We've never been concerned about quantity. Our concern is with the hunter who has climbed all day, or sat in a blind all night, who has traveled for days or saved for years or who has braved rain and cold and snow for one shot at a trophy. Our concern is with the police officer or the soldier who may have one shot to save a life.

There is an old saying in hunting that "you can't hit it if you can't see it." Our job is to make sure you see it. Under conditions that other scopes simply are not built to handle.

If you've not tried a Schmidt & Bender rifle scope, we encourage you to borrow one from a friend or dealer and try it. At dusk, at first light, even by moonlight. Once you've seen things our way, you'll never look at -or through-a rifle scope the same way again.

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