Swarovski - IWA Hunting Show Germany

Swarovski Optik, an Austrian, family-owned company with a long tradition, has been producing high-quality binoculars and telescopes for over 50 years. As one of the world's leading optical goods manufacturers, Swarovski Optik sells products, which are a synthesis of superior quality in terms of functionality and optical performance, coupled with an emphasis on aesthetic design. Evidence for this can be seen in Swarovski Optik's wide range of optical instruments, which include binoculars, telescopes, optronic instruments, riflescopes, knurling/milling tools, precision and optical components.

Swarovski Optics at the IWA Hunting show in Germany

During the IWA show we had to take look at the Swarovski Booth. They had the most elaborate booth by far with servers, trees, and waterfalls. The products that they showed like Swarovski Binoculars, Swarovski Spotting Scopes and Rifle Scopesat the IWA hunting Show in Germany.

Here is a server at the Swarovski booth bringing buyers coffee snacks and beer. The displays of their rifle scopes, spotting scopes, range finders and binoculars are very well put together.

Swarovski Optik is a company with a high reputation, and one which does not allow itself to be pressurised by the expectations placed on it. The only constraint to which Swarovski Optik submits is a total commitment to quality ... in everything that it does for the customer. The aim of the company's staff, of the product management team, of the optical specialists, the designers and, not least, the production technicians, is to always realize this very demanding objective in every new product.

Here is a photo of the huge waterfall at the Swarovski booth. The lady here is greeting people as they enter Swarovski optics.

Compliments come from unbiased observers across the whole world. After the 1992 nomination of the 10 x 25 B pocket binocular for the "Optics of the Year" Oscar in the sector, for example, the SLC series finally achieved a breakthrough and was finally given the "Optic of the Year" award. In its first year, the EL topped that with the "Best of the Best Award" in the USA. In product terms, nothing more could be achieved.

The company's management also won an award in the spring of this year. The Austrian Minister for Economic Affairs awarded Swarovski Optik the 2002 Export Prize. The justification: incredible export success in the USA, Great Britain and the German-speaking world.

Swarovski Optik's background is a classic success story. Emerging from really quite modest beginnings, the company is very firmly rooted in its traditions. The ability to advance on its own derives from ample quantities of hard work and application - and, more than anything else, on a philosophy, which is put into practice day after day throughout its corporate culture. There is no secret hidden ingredient for Swarovski Optik's success. There are, in fact, two key factors, on which it depends. Swarovski Optik brings together what goes together: satisfied customers and satisfied workers.

It is a long road to travel to prepare the high quality products such as the EL binoculars, for example, for production. Swarovski Optik's gets its edge over the competition from small, highly qualified teams, which are able to work together in close contact and can act flexibly without having to follow complicated procedures. Whenever a new product emerges at Swarovski Optik, the ideas for it do not have to pass through a series of hoops, but emerge from the foundation of a team of specialists.

And yet Swarovski Optik has still had to make many difficult decisions. After quitting the spectacle-making and military product sector, the company started to concentrate on optical instruments towards the end of the 1980s. In doing that, Swarovski Optik became the only company in the world to puts all its resources into the full range of optical products: binoculars, spotting scopes, optronic instruments, riflescopes, knurling/milling tools, precision and optical components. Despite a stagnating world market, sales growth has doubled since 1990. In this respect, the management showed not just an instinct for marketing, but also a high level of creativity. Creativity cannot be ordered like a prescription. It is nurtured and released. In the same way as the company founder, Wilhelm Swarovski, who had similar visions in the early days of the company.

After settling on the product range, new markets were opened up - and not just in the geographical sense. The most important market expansion was the American market with the growing birding movement. Today bird watching is, alongside hunting, outdoor pursuits and the industrial sector (workplace surveillance), Swarovski Optik's most important business area. "Constantly improving what is good" was the philosophy of company founder, Daniel Swarovski, over 100 years ago and it has remained as a key objective to this day. Gerhard Swarovski, who leads the company in the fourth generation, a long time ago turned a small family company into a major global player. It now has subsidiary companies in the USA, France, Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and sales organisations and distribution partners in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. No fewer than 28 international and national awards and prizes for Swarovski products testify to the strength of the company philosophy as implemented by the optical experts in the Tyrol.

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