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Backyard Astronomy is a challenging and rewarding hobby that can entertain you and your family for a lifetime. Purchasing a new telescope can be an overwhelming task if you know little about the product. Our "Telescope School' will help inform you on the different types of telescopes and their features. Spend some time reading the below articles and you will dramatically improve your knowledge of telescopes to help you choose the one best for you. Our product experts are always ready to help you at 800-246-6285 if you have more questions.

  1. How To Select Your First Telescope - Choosing a new telescope can be overwhelming. Here are some key features every new backyard astronomer should know. Learn why magnification is the least important factor in choosing a telescope.!
  2. Magnification and Using Eyepieces - Learn how the Telescope and its Eyepiece will determine the magnification and how different eyepieces will change your views.
  3. Using a Barlow Lens - A Barlow lens is a great accessory for any telescope and will help increase your magnification as well as your eyepiece collection.
  4. Image Orientation - Why Is Everything Upside-Down? - Learn about telescope image orientation and why some telescopes have images upside down. If you are choosing a telescope for land observation this article will help you choose the right telescope.
  5. Telescope Mounts - More than just a tripod - A Telescopes mount is critical to its performance. Learn about the different style mounts and which will be the best for you.
  6. Star Parties - A Gathering of Telescopes- A star party is an excellent opportunity to meet other astronomy hobbyist and try many different telescopes. Learn about some basic etiquette for star parties.
  7. Polar Alignment - Learn how aligning your telescope to the Earth's axis can be a simple or rather involved procedure depending on the level of precision needed for what you want to do.
  8. Adjusting Your Eyes to the Dark - Proper night vision will greatly improve your ability to see deep space objects in your telescope. Learn how to improve your night vision for better results.
  9. Eyepiece Formats - Replacing or upgrading your telescopes eyepieces? Be sure to get correct fitting eyepieces for your telescope. Learn more about the different barrel sizes to get the correct one.
  10. Electronic GOTO and GPS Telescopes- A telescope that finds objects for you! Read about the greatest thing to happen to telescopes in years. GO TO telescopes automatic locating and tracking telescopes. Some also feature alignment using GPS Satellites.
  11. Got a Nice View? The Advantages of Spotting Scopes vs. Telescopes- Got a beautiful view of the ocean or a patio overlooking the golf course? Many customers look to a Telescope to bring these views closer to home when a Spotting Scope may be the better choice.
  12. Observing Our Closest Star The Sun - Learn how to safely observe the sun with an appropriate solar filter.
  13. Filters Filters Filters - How Different Filters Can Better Your View - There are many different filters for astronomical use. Learn how different colored filters can bring out much more details.
  14. Using Binoculars for Astronomy - If your not looking for the complexity of a telescope a simple alternative is a set of binoculars. Learn how to choose a binocular for astronomical use.
  15. What Can You See With A Telescope? - Read about the many kinds of objects that can be seen right from your backyard
  16. Astrophotography Making The Connection - Even a novice can dabble in astrophotography! Shooting the moon and stars can be easy with your new telescope. Learn how to make the connection.
  17. Can you see the Flag or other objects left behind on the Moon from the Apollo missions? - Learn the answer to this very common question.

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