Finding the Right Binocular Accessories

1. Tripods are an excellent investment for frequent binocular users. They provide a steady, stable view and eliminate shaking.

2. Many binocular models come with integrated tripod adapters. For those that don't, separate tripod adapters may be available for purchase.

3. A wide variety of cleaning supplies are available to aid in the care of your binoculars. Most are formulated and marketed for specific binocular brands.

4. Microfiber cloths remove dust and smudges easily, and specially formulated lens cleaners are available by the bottle or in convenient wipes.

5. If you use your binoculars while in the field, it is best to also carry a compass. If you lose visibility or find yourself on an unfamiliar trail, you will be able to find your way to safety.

6. Consider bringing a camera along with your binoculars on outdoor expeditions. There are lightweight, compact models with features just right for capturing stunning vistas or wildlife.

7. Binocular cases are available in anything from classic leather, to weatherproof vinyl, to hard, sturdy shell cases. Choosing one depends on personal taste, as well as where you will store your binoculars and how much protection they will need.