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Some Useful Facts About Spotting Scopes

1. Spotting scopes are small telescopes that perform well in full-light conditions. They typically have magnifications of 20x to 60x, and are designed for observing birds, wildlife, or other terrestrial objects.

2. Spotting scopes are effective astronomy scopes, as many astronomical objects fall within their magnification range. This, along with their compact size, makes them highly versatile.

3. Telescope lenses can be used to make spotting scopes more amenable to astronomical observation.

4. If you're planning on using your spotting scope for bird-watching, a 20x to 30x magnification is your best bet, as it provides a large field of view and clear images.

5. Some spotting scope models are collapsible, making them highly portable and excellent for traveling or hiking.

6. Bushnell is a superb brand for beginner nature enthusiasts looking to spend under 100 dollars. Also available are premium Bushnell spotting scopes, which are priced in the 300 dollar range.

7. Leica, Leupold, Burris, and many others have detailed descriptions of the technologies used to create their spotting scopes and binoculars on their websites. If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of optics, these are great resources to get you started.

8. Nikon spotting scopes are known for being lightweight and easily portable. While some spotting scopes are rather unwieldy, Nikon makes it easy to carry along a high quality scope in the field.

9. Swarovski sporting scope accessories complement their high quality scopes. Custom fitted protective cases, digital camera adapters, and tree fixing screws are just some of the great ways to improve the use you get out of your spotting scope.

10. For an impressive selection of spotting scopes designed for the serious nature enthusiast, Kowa spotting scopes can't be beat. Photo adapters, cases, and more are all available from this highly reputable manufacturer of great optical products.