Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Reflector Telescope

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  • Our Best Selling Telescope
  • Ideal for observing both land or deep space
  • Very user friendly and easy to set up
  • Permanently mounted StarPointer assists in locating objects
  • Quick release dovetail attachment - no tool set up
  • Setting circles accurately locate and track sky objects
  • "Thy Sky" Astronomy Software Included
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  • Description

    • If you're looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, then the Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ is for you. Each AstroMaster model is capable of giving correct views of land and sky.  The AstroMaster Series produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets. It is easy to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with every one of these fine instruments. For views of the brighter deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae, we recommend the larger aperture and light gathering ability of the Newtonian Reflectors.


    • Quick and easy no-tool setup
    • Permanently mounted StarPointer
    • Erect image optics - Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use
    • Quick release dovetail attachment - no tool setup
    • German Equatorial Mount with Setting Circles - to accurately locate and track sky objects
    • Rugged pre-assembled tripod with 1.25" steel tube legs - Provides a rigid and stable platform
    • All coated glass optics for clear, crisp images
    • Deluxe accessory tray for convenient storage of accessories
    • The Sky Level 1 planetarium software with 10,000 object database and enhanced images

      Celestron 2 Year Warranty

      • Celestron warrants your product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years. Celestron will repair or replace such product or part thereof which, upon inspection by Celestron, is found to be defective in materials or workmanship. As a condition to the obligation of Celestron to repair or replace such product, the product must be returned to Celestron together with proof-of-purchase satisfactory to Celestron.  

      About Celestron

      • In the late 1950s, Tom Johnson, founder of Valor Electronics, built a telescope from scratch to introduce his sons to the wonders of stargazing. What began as a hobby soon grew to be Johnson’s driving passion, and in 1960, he formed an Astro-Optical Division within his company. That department eventually became Celestron.  For more than 50 years, Celestron has continued to lead the market, creating dozens of revolutionary new products including telescopes, sport optics, and microscopes. With more than 80 employees around the world, Celestron remains guided by our founding principles as we commit to ever-increasing global growth. Today, we still produce our flagship product—the 14-inch Edge HD optical tube—at our headquarters in Torrance, California, using Tom Johnson’s signature method.

      What's Included

      Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ Telescope, StarPointer Finderscope, Tripod, Accessory Tray, 20mm Eyepiece (50x)

    • Dimensions & Specifications

      Optical Design:

      Newtonian Refractor



      Focal Length:


      Focal Ratio:


      Focal Length of Eyepiece 1:


      Magnification of Eyepiece 1:


      Focal Length of Eyepiece 2:


      Magnification of Eyepiece 2:



      Built-on StarPointer

      Mount Type:

      CG-2 Equatorial


      1.25" Steel Tubes

      Highest Useful Magnification:


      Lowest Useful Magnification:


      Limiting Stellar Magnitude:


      Resolution (Rayleigh):

      1.22 arc seconds

      Resolution (Dawes):

      1.02 arc seconds

      Light Gathering Power:


      Apparent Field of View:

      Linear Field of View:

      53 ft @ 1000 Yards

      Optical Coatings:


      Optical Tube Length:


      Complete Weight:

      17 lbs


      Celestron 2 Year


      Download Celestron AstroMaster 114 EQ Instruction Manual
      Download Celestron AstroMaster Quick Set-Up Guide
    • Product Guarantee

      We stand behind all the products we sell, and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, simply send the item back to us in its original packaging within 30 days of its delivery.

      Manufacturer Warranty

      Celestron has a limited lifetime binocular and spotting scope warranty and all other products have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty covers against defects is provided. If you have specific questions about this product's warranty please contact Celestron's Customer Service department at 310-328-9560.

      Return & Exchange Policy

      At our site, returns are easy! You may return new, unused, and resalable items for a refund or exchange. Simply ensure that the item is returned in its original product packaging within 30 days of delivery.

    Customer Q&A

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    • Q1: Can you see Saturn with this telescope?

      A: Saturn is easily viewed in this telescope, and actually in most telescopes. Saturn with its rings will be easy to view in most any telescope. Jupiter and its moons will also be easily visible from this, and all other telescopes. Planets are very bright and easy to view in all telescopes. Galaxies and other deep space objects are also able to be seen with this telescope. The larger your aperture, the more light your telescope can gather. Try not to think of it in “distance” but rather in how much light can you gather, the larger your aperture, your telescope will be able to gather light from these very distant objects.

    • Q2: Can you use it on a computer?

      A: The Celestron Astromaster is not computerized so the unit itself cannot connect to a computer.  This telescope does come with software that will give you a tutorial on the use of the telescope and also provides some star charts.

    • Q3: In what packing is it delivered and is it save to carry in that packing from place to place , and whether the packing is rugged and save for carriage.

      A: This telescope comes with no case and the packing is a large cardboard box with foam fitted to protect the scope during shipment.  You could carry the telescope in the packaging but it would not offer rugged protection.  The packaging is recommended for storage rather than travel.

    • Q4: Is there a case available for purchase for this telescope?

      A: The best case would be the Zhumell Medium Telescope Case.  The item number is ZHUL043.

    • Q5: The focal ratio between the 130 EQ and the 114 EQ are quite different.  What does this effect?

      A: More important is the difference in the aperture size, 130mm or 114mm, the larger the aperture, the more light you can gather. The 130 features a shorter focal length and will magnify objects less than the 114mm telescope will, however the more important feature of a telescope is the light gathering ability, so we would always suggest larger aperture over more magnification ability. Most objects in the night sky are viewed between 40x-100x, making either the 130 and 114 qualified. The larger aperture of the 130 makes for a better view of objects.

    • Q6: What is the weight and size/dimension of packing box during shipment?

      A: The box dimensions of the Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ are 33"L x 17"W x 12"D.  This product ships as 32lbs.

    • Q7: Will images in this telescope be upside down?

      A: Good question.  The images in this telescope will be right side up as long as you use the 20mm eyepiece that comes with it.  This eyepiece features Erect Image Optics which corrects the image making it ideal for land viewing in addition to sky viewing.  Any other eyepiece will show the image upside down, which is common in reflecting telescopes.

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