Zhumell 2 Inch SEE IT ALL Telescope Filter Set

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  • Four filters for the price you pay for 1 from other brands!
  • Sky-Glow Filter - 2 Inch Format
  • OIII Filter - 2 Inch Format
  • UHC Filter - 2 Inch Format
  • Variable Polarizing Filter - 2 Inch Format
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  • Description

    Good luck finding a value as good as this.


    Zhumell sought out to find a group of filters that could compete with all the others.  We have found them, so we decided to put them into a package deal so you can enjoy them all, for one great price! 


    Zhumell 2 Inch High Performance O-III Filter


    This particular filter allows light transmission in the doubly ionized oxygen wavelengths.  This is particularly good for viewing double star systems where a lot of emissions are in the doubly ionized oxygen range. 


    Oxygen III (O-III) are great for viewing diffuse and planetary nebulae.  The views of the Veil, Ring, Dumbbell, Crescent and Orion nebulae are dramatically improved.


    Zhumell 2 Inch High Performance Ultra High Contrast UHC Filter


    These narrowband filters are for viewing nebulae in the deep sky under a dark sky or a sky with some light pollution.  They filter out specific wavelengths of light to make a high contrast to make nebulae clearer and more visible, where normally, we may not be able to see it with our eyes alone.


    Zhumell 2 Inch High Performance Moon & Sky-Glow Filter


    This filter increases the contrast of deep-sky objects like emission nebulae and darkens the background sky by blocking mercury vapor light transmissions and enhancing transmission in the hydrogen beta, doubly ionized oxygen and hydrogen alpha regions of the spectrum.


    Zhumell 2 Inch Variable Polarizing Filter #3 35-40% Transmission


    This filter is perfect for lunar viewing.  Dial in just the right filtration for the perfect, comfortable view.  Like a dimmer switch for your eyepiece, this filter makes viewing the bright moon much more comfortable and really brings out more detail and greatly improves contrast.


    This filter consists of two glass filters that rotate allowing you to adjust the amount of light transmission allowed through the filter.


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    2 Inches

    Telescope Accessories Series



    Polarizing Filters
    Oxygen III Filters
    Filter Sets
    UHC Filters
    Moon Filters

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