Zhumell 20x80mm SuperGiant Astronomical Binoculars

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  • Powerful Astronomical Binoculars for Land and Sky.
  • Excellent customer reviews & always a top seller.
  • Extra-large field of view with crystal clear clarity.
  • Easy center focus & right diopter for fine tuning.
  • Built-in Tripod Adapter for easy attachment to tripod.
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  • Description

    Bigger is better!  These huge Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiant Binoculars will pull in tons of light, and are perfect for astronomy, but unlike competing 20x80 astronomical binoculars, the Zhumell SuperGiants are relatively lightweight, at just 4.4 pounds.  The lightweight feature makes them more suitable for field use and hand-holding.  Scan the skies for comets, check out the jewel-studded Milky Way, or support your telescope observations by finding an object's visual location with binoculars before turning your telescope in its direction.  


    • Ultra-smooth center focus that's easy to operate, allowing you to pinpoint your subject.
    • Right diopter adjustment so you can fine-tune your viewing.
    • An wide field of view with crystal clarity from edge to edge.
    • BaK4 prisms for excellent light transmission.
    • Integrated tripod mount center post .
    • Fully multi-coated optics.


    The Zhumell 80mm Astronomical Binoculars feature a built-in 1/4-20 tripod adapter for quick and easy connection to your favorite tripod or mono-pod.  The integrated tripod mount can be adjusted along an innovative center column to help balance the weight of the binoculars.  We recommend using a tripod when viewing single objects like Saturn or Jupiter.  The need for a steady image is very important when viewing objects like planets.  But for simply panning the heavens or terrestrial landscapes, these binoculars can be easily hand-held.


    One of the great things about giant binoculars is how well they adapt for use in other applications.  Unlike a high powered spotting scope, you can use these huge binoculars without a tripod.  Point the Zhumell 80mm binoculars at a far off ship in the ocean or at buildings off in the distance and you will immediately be 20 times closer!  Seriously, you will find yourself pulling out these giant binoculars whenever you want to get a closer look, whether the subject is in the sky or on the ground.  Hand-held or mounted on a tripod, mono-pod, or other binocular viewing apparatus, they will get lots of use, and increase your enjoyment of the world around you.

    What's Included

    SuperGiant Binoculars, Case, Objective Lens Covers, Eyepiece Cover

  • Dimensions & Specifications



    Objective Lens Diameter:


    Field of View at 1000 Yards:

    168 ft.

    Focus Type:




    Prism Type:

    Porro, BaK-4

    Twilight Factor:


    Close Focusing Distance:

    70 ft.

    Exit Pupil:

    4 mm

    Eye Relief:

    17 mm



    Tripod Adaptable:



    4.4 pounds


    25 years


    Download the Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binoculars Manual
    Zhumell Warranty Information
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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Are the craters on the moon visible with these binoculars?

    A: Yes, and quite a bit more.

  • Q2: Are these binoculars hand held or must they be used with a tripod, or both?

    A: You can use them as hand held but it will not be the easiest we recommend that you use them with a tripod.

  • Q3: I would like to know when you look across water, will you see the heat rays making it impossible for clear vision.

    A: With their high magnification, the 20x80 SuperGiant binoculars will also magnify any heat shimmer present in the atmosphere. That means you may see heat shimmer through the binoculars that you would not see with the naked eye.

  • Q4: Is it only celestial or both a terrestrial and celestial binocular?

    A: This binocular is sold as a astronomy binocular because it's magnification is very powerful at 20x, but it can be used for terrestrial applications as well.

  • Q5: Is the L-Mount tripod adapter required/recommended for use with the 20x80 SuperGiant and your ZH-WDF4 professional tripod?

    A: No. The 20x80 SuperGiant will mount directly to the tripod without the aid of an adapter.

  • Q6: Is there a difference in eye relief on the Zhumell 20x80 binoculars?

    A: We've talked with the Zhumell folks, and they assure us that all the SuperGiants have the same 17mm of eye relief and the same dimensions.

  • Q7: Please describe all the materials used in the construction of the Supergiant 20x80 binoculars.

    A: They use an aluminum alloy for the body a BK-7 glass for the lenses and prisms.

  • Q8: What is difference between bk4 and bk7 glass?

    A: BK7 is a borosilicate crown optical glass with high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content. Its good physical and chemical properties make it widely used in visible and near IR range. Most of windows, lenses and prisms, which used in laser, optical system, optical communication, are made from BaK-7 glass. BaK-4 glass is for higher edge sharpness and greater brightness.

  • Q9: What is the difference between a central focus and individual focus for your 25x100 & 20x80,and which is better?

    A: It's not that one is better than the other they are just different. Central focus is a big wheel and individual focus allows you to set the binocular for your eyes with rarely having to adjust the focus.

  • Q10: What is the maximum width at the eyepieces between the center of the lenses?

    A: The maximum distance between the eyepieces is 2 7/8 inches.

  • Q11: Are these binoculars multi-coated? What kind of case comes with them? Are the lenses glass or plastic?

    A: The lenses are glass, it comes with a hard case and yes, they are multi-coated.

  • Q12: Do you supply overseas? (I live in New Zealand)

    A: Yes, we would be happy to ship a pair of Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binoculars to you in New Zealand.

  • Q13: Does this Zhumell binocular have a tripout mount?

    A: The Zhumell super-Giant and Tachyon models both have a built in Tripod adapter that comes standard with the binocular.

  • Q14: I am currently in the the USA and would like to take a pair of these binoculars home for my friend. However, as size is an issue, can you advise of the total package size & weight of this product including case & box etc.?

    A: Including all packing materials, this binocular ships as 8lbs and measures 14L X 10w X 5H.

  • Q15: I bought these binoculars and I would like an adjustable tripod for them. Can you recommend a decent tripod?

    A: We recommend the Zhumell Professional Tripod for use with the 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binocular. It has a wide working height range and a weight rating of better than 8 pounds to take heavy binoculars and cameras. It's a great complement to the SuperGiants.

  • Q16: I just bought the Meade ETX- 105 with the UHT coating telescope. Will the 20 X 80 giants give a fair competition to my Meade telescope in any way?

    A: The super giant will give you wider field of view and fun depth perception. However, to compare it to the ETX 105 is not fair to either product. They are quite different. The binoculars will help you get perspective where the object is in the sky in relation to other objects. The Meade will allow you to hone in the object. They are complementary not competitive.

  • Q17: I see you've previously stated that these 20x80 Zhumell SuperGiants have BK7 prisms. However, both of your Zhumell product listings state BK4 prisms. I have seen one other binocular site that says BK7, but most say BK4.

    A: Zhumell's 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binoculars are made with BaK-4 prisms. They formerly used BK-7 glass, but Zhumell upgraded the prisms to BaK-4 in late 2004.

  • Q18: I would like to buy binoculars for Astronomical, and for a general use purpose (Traveling, birding and other nature related purpose) will Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binocular be the right candidate?

    A: Zhumell 20x80 SuperGiant Astronomical Binoculars are great instruments and a great value. However, at 13 x 9 x 5 inches and 4.4 pounds, they're a mite too big and heavy for hand-held operation. For a hand-held binocular that must function well for astronomy and for general viewing, you might consider Nikon's 10-22x50 Action Zooms. For a lower-priced zoom binocular they're surprisingly good, offering reasonably sharp, bright views.

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