Zhumell T-Ring for Nikon Cameras

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  • Allows picture-taking through your telescope
  • For use with Nikon cameras
  • Standard threading
  • Requires a telescope T-adapter


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  • Description

    Mount your camera!
    The Nikon T-ring helps you take pictures through your scope. It attaches a Nikon-mount camera to any camera adapter threaded to accept T-Rings.
    Durable construction with standardized threading provides with a secure way to attach your camera to all standard telescope T-adapters. Use this T-Ring in conjunction with the Zhumell Camera T-Adapter to take astronomically good photos with any telescope.


    The T-mount system uses T-threads of metric dimensions 42mm diameter and a pitch of 0.75mm to mate cameras to lenses and telescopes as well as other devices.

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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: do you ship to canada? Brand: Zhumell SKU: T-RING NIKON Model: T-Ring - Nikon Will this model fit on my Nikon D70

    A: Yes we can ship to Canada, and this T-ring should fit just fine as it is designed for Nikon cameras.

  • Q2: I have a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. Will this work with my camera?

    A: Unfortunately, the T-ring/T-Adapter setup only works on single-lens reflex cameras with removable lenses, so the Zhumell T-Ring Nikon would not work on your Coolpix. Instead, you'll need a device line the Zhumell Universal Digiscoping adapter (small). Here's the URL; just paste it into your browser's address window: http://telescopes.com/products/zhumell-universal-digiscoping-adapter-small-36562.html.

  • Q3: I have a nikon D70 camera. I am considering the purchase of a telescope that I can use in conjunction with my D70. Any advice?

    A: My suggestion would be to think about what will be viewed the most Lunar & Planetary, or Deep space. If Lunar & planetary i suggest a refractor the bigger the lens the better or if Deep space a reflector again the bigger the better.

  • Q4: i have a swift 841 with a telephoto adaptor take has approx 1 5/8 in male threads to fit a nikon t-ring. will this one fit.

    A: Swift indicates that its telephoto adapter is compatible with a standard T-ring. Thus the Zhumell T-ring - Nikon should do the job for you.

  • Q5: What other accessories besides this T-Ring adapter do I need to hook up my Nikon D50 to my ETX-105? Thanks!

    A: You'll need the Zhumell Universal T-Adapter. It fits into the scope's focuser and makes the connection between camera/T-ring and telescope. Here's the url; just paste it into your browser's address window: http://telescopes.com/products/zhumell-universal-t-adapter-1-25-inch-camera-adapter-30842.html.

  • Q6: Will the Zhumell Universal T-Adapter for a Nikon D50 fit on the ETX60-AT or any other suggestions you may have to get the two together. Will be taking lunar- landscape photos most of the time...Thank you

    A: Yes, the Zhumell Universal T-Adapter and T-Ring Nikon should work with your D50 and the ETX-60 scope.

  • Q7: Zhumell T-Ring - Nikon will this work for a nikon D50 ditigal camera?

    A: Yes, it should.

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