Zhumell Zenith 60x600 Telescope

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  • Our best-value beginner telescope at a great price
  • Quick grab-and-go design for easy astronomical viewing
  • 3x Barlow lens included
  • 2 eyepieces for varied magnifications
  • Includes carrying case and 3-year warranty
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  • Description

    Price, quality, and ease of use are three major concerns for any amateur astronomer, and Zhumell addresses those concerns with this 60mm telescope, the Zenith. This scope is easy to set up, right out of the box. No in-depth manuals to wade through to get it going, just a few minutes of your time and you are in business. The optic quality is high, and the price is also very reasonable for all that is included. This scope has everything you need to get going, nothing more to buy to take a look at the sky! A sturdy aluminum alloy tripod, 3x Barlow lens, 45-degree prism, two eyepieces, and carrying case to pack them all in, who could ask for more? How about a three-year no-fault warranty? Zhumell gives you that too.

    Note: This item is not intended for use by children under 12 years of age.

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    What's Included

    Telescope, Tripod, Carrying case

  • Dimensions & Specifications



    Eyepiece 1

    9mm (67x)



    Focal Length

    600 mm

    Focal Ratio






    Objective Lens Size Code


    Optical Design


    Star Diagonal

    1.25 Inches

    Telescopes Series

    Zhumell Telescopes

    User Level

    For the Beginner


    Download Zhumell Zenith Telescope Instruction Manual
    Zhumell Warranty Information
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Customer Q&A

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  • Q1: Can you see the moon craters and also Jupiter and its moons like a little dot or the planet and moons in big size.

    A: The Moon will show up very nicely. Jupiter on high magnification will appear about the size of a quarter, while the four largest moons will be pinhead-size.

  • Q2: Do they provide weather proof cases?

    A: The Zhumell Zenith 60x600 Telescope comes in a water-resistant carrying case.

  • Q3: I am plannig to buy a telescope to apply it on my Kodak z740 Digtal camera, I wonder what is the proper eyepieces to adapt between the telescope and the camera? My aim is to shoot space images (moon and other planets) beside the landscape on.

    A: To adapt your Kodak Z740 to a telescope, we recommend the Zhumell Universal Digital Camera Adapter (small). Here is the URL; just paste it into your browser's address window: http://telescopes.com/products/zhumell-universal-digiscoping-adapter-small-36562.html.

  • Q4: i want to use this to see the statue of liberty from my condo, will it work or is it just for astronomy stuff

    A: Yes, the Zhumell Zenith 60x600 Telescope will work just fine for viewing things like the Statue of Liberty as well as celestial objects.

  • Q5: I wanted to know what is the distance of the telescope. i.e, for how many kms or miles it helps in viewing properly

    A: Zhumell's Zenith 60x600 Telescope will aid viewing out to the limit of its light-gathering ability, which is many millions of miles. You'll be able to see the Moon very clearly with it, and you should be able to pick out polar caps on Mars, as well as Saturn's ring system and Jupiter's largest moons. No Earth-based telescope, however, will give you the kind of views that the Hubble Space Telescope does. Even the Hubble must take time photographs of the sky to get the views it does.

  • Q6: What is the aperture size of this telescope?

    A: Aperture size is 60mm.

  • Q7: What is the difference between a refractor and a regular telescope? Also is this telescope good for an 8 year old?

    A: A refractor is one kind of telescope. In fact, it's the type of telescope most are familiar with -- the kind that uses lenses to gather light, focus it and render an image. Other types are reflectors, which use mirrors to accomplish the same thing, and catadioptrics, which use both lenses and mirrors. The Zenith is a great scope for a child. It's small, light, easy to use and nevertheless, quite powerful.

  • Q8: While viewing a terrestial object, will the object be seen upside down or right side up?

    A: When viewed through the eyepiece and diagonal, the images will be right side up.

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